"Iron Dome"

"The Shade

My only means of expressions is the straight line. This deliberate restriction emerges from the perception that the time we live in differs from all times before through the fact; that the building human being with all of his machinery and tools is able to produce serial, uniform elements in the same quality as well cheap and in big numbers. My conclusion: It has to be analyzed whether a new principle of building can be found by multiplying and ranging those serial elements.

During the work on the Irondome-project, an architectural piece of art built from six meter measuring rails, the question occurred how to find new ways to perform this new system of building and shaping, concerning efficiency as well as applicability. The most striking point was to realize the "Shadowdome" for hot and dry countries in the far east. Following our argumentation, these countries would represent a civilization that is "still" being remembered in the occident for their romantic cupolas. The main purpose for the Shadowdomes according to Scheele is their subsequent building upon the monotonous western high-rise flats to achieve a skyline that is not only cultural meaningful but also carries on urban development.
One peculiar point of the unusual pile system is the producing of kinetic interference lines to the moving spectator a far visible optical game increasing the secret attraction of the distant city.

The domes consist of equally measuring elements. The cross-section can be shaped square, rectangular, double-T-shaped as well as it can consist of two flat U-profiles. The optional material is high-grade steel, aluminum or plastic material. The height an length of the elements result from the diameter of the dome to build. The covered interior does not need "any" additional uphold. The cupolas exclusively consist of their outer shell. The single elements are being technically attached to each other. The cross-sections will mainly have the form of a circle, a circle-ring or an ellipse. The number of base corner points per building: 8, 12, 16, 24 and 32.
Being for the first time within such a building, one will feel a strange, never before known attraction. The special arranging of the elements produces a flickering light experience, leaving about 60% of the dome in the shadow. The air inside the dome is moving a lot more gentle than outside. The effect of this special room will have no feeling of being imprisoned.

The here described Shadowdome as the main part of design and arrangement of a new hotel building being transferred into reality for the first time, the owner will have no worries about not getting enough world-wide attention.

copyright 2000 by Claus Scheele
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